The Curly Girl Method Changed My Hair — and My Confidence
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For most of my life, my hair has been my greatest source of grief. Not to mention, arguments with my mother. “Comb your hair properly, it’s such a mess,” she’d say. Or “Cut your hair short,” she’d suggest every time I left it loose or if we had to attend a formal event. 

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How to Consume Collagen the Old-School Chinese Way
Beauty, Food, Heritage, Wellness

Bottled as gummies, ground into powders, or sold as miracle pills, today collagen is touted as an easy-to-swallow skin miracle. Only Chinese women have been eating this protein-rich substance straight from the source, in the form of gelatinous sea cucumbers or stringy bird’s nest soup, for centuries, for centuries to reap surprising health benefits.

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Can a Light Moisturizer Really Hydrate Your Skin?

Absolutely.The fact that a moisturizer is termed “light” doesn’t mean it’s light on hydration. A lightweight formula is your best bet if you’ve got oily skin or breakouts. These moisturizers soften and hydrate the skin without leaving it feeling slick or shiny. When the temperature rises, it’s not advisable to use rich or heavy moisturizers because…

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A Guide to Common Skin Disorders

Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Common Skin Disorders. In this article, we delve into a myriad of both common skin disorders and skin diseases, offering insight into their causes, symptoms, and potential treatments. We will also highlight the importance of a consistent skin care routine in preventing and managing these conditions. Our goal is…

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African American skincare

Properly caring for African American skin is vital, as it nurtures and enhances its natural radiance, promoting both health and beauty. Maintaining a suitable skincare routine not only helps preserve a youthful appearance but also provides essential nourishment, resulting in healthy, glowing skin. Effective skin care is crucial for African Americans, given their higher melanin…

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