What I Want the Beauty Community to Know Right Now

Last week, I was asked to provide a quote for an article for Fashionista.com — with the aim to speak to the beauty industry/community as a whole and share my thoughts, feelings, frustrations, or reflections. Below is my reflection and response. — Alice Where do I begin? There are so many things that I want…

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Dreaming in Gujarati
Heritage, Women

By Shailja Patel The children in my dreamsspeak in Gujaratiturn their trusting faces to the sunsay to mecare for us nurture usin my dreams I shudder and I run. I am sixin a playground of white childrenDarkie, sing us an Indian song!Eightin a roomful of eldersall mock my broken GujaratiEnglish girl! Twelve, I tunnel into…

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Black Hair at Home: Kim Mupangilaï

In part two of “Black Hair at Home,” we consider how the pandemic has forced black women to have an aesthetic and philosophical reckoning. Since lockdown, we’ve had to ask ourselves: What happens when we suddenly decide to let colleagues see our natural hair? How does learning — or relearning — how to nurture and…

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